MURATOV PAVEL PAVLOVICH (1881-1950) P.P. Muratov. Les icones russes. Paris: J. Schiffrin Editions de la Pleiade, [1927]

Lotto 367
266 pages, 60 coloured autotype and phototype plates, 27.3x19.5cm, number 531 from the edition of 2000. In French. Very good condition. A study of Russian iconography by the art historian and writer Pavel Petrovich Muratov (1881-1950), published in French after his emigration. It was not published Russian. It examines the tradition of Old Russian iconography and fresco painting, the origins of iconography, and reviews the work of Andrei Rublev, Dionisy, masters of the epoch of Ivan the Terrible and the 17th century; with illustrations of the most prominent icons of the 11th-17th centuries from the collections of Ostroukhov, the Museum of Novgorod, the Assumption Cathedral of the Moscow Kremlin, the Ryabushinsky collection in the Historical Museum and other private and state collections.