NICHOLAS II (1894-1917)A large letter about the events of the First World War Handwritten letter addressed to his uncle, the Grand Duke Nikolai Nikolaevich. Ts.[ar] Stavka, 16 June 1916.

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8 с. (2 double leaves); 19.7x12.5 cm; 18x11.3 cm. Paper with the monogram «N.A.» under the imperial crown. In the letter he thanks the Grand Duke for the note given on the introduction of Zemstvo in the Caucasus, informs that from now on the navy and transport would be given full assistance to Caucasus front, speaks about intensified construction of railways, the lack of which delays the desired development of events in Asia Minor, about great success of Brusilov’s army, which «deeply pleased and comforted» him <. ...> «All that he assured me then - has come true with astonishing accuracy», about the shortage of heavy artillery shells. Signs the letter in Russian: «Cordially loving you and fully believing you / Nicky». Nikolai Nikolaevich (junior; 1856-1929). Photograph of the Grand Duke with his handwritten signature on the obverse of the photograph. [1917 г.]. 14x8.7 cm. In 1916, successes of the Russian army tilted the course of the war in favor of Russia. On the Caucasus front, troops led by N.N. Yudenich inflicted a crushing defeat on the more numerous Turkish army and came practically to Istanbul and stopped literally one step from the straits. As a result of the shattering offensive of the South-Western Front (Brusilovsky breakthrough), the Austrian forces were almost crushed, not helped by the intervention of the German army, which also suffered heavy losses. The supply shortages of the first year of the war were overcome, the Russian troops had everything they needed for victory. Germany, on the other hand, was placed on the brink of defeat: human and material resources were exhausted, and ammunition, including shells, was catastrophically short.