TCHAIKOVSKY P.I. (1840-1893), AUTOGRAPH Handwritten letter addressed to the Belgian conductor Joseph Dupont. Moscow, 25 October / 6 November 1876.

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3 p. 20x13.2 cm. Paper with the monogram «П.Ч.» embossed. In French. Tchaikovsky probably first met the Belgian conductor Joseph Dupont (1838-1899) in the autumn of 1868 when Dupont arrived in Moscow with the Italian opera company at the Warsaw Theatre. 6 The company’s main attraction during their guest appearances in Moscow (which lasted until 19/31 December 1868) was the mezzo-soprano Desiree Artaud, who, as previously noted, was briefly engaged to Tchaikovsky. In 1870 and 1871 Dupont was also the conductor of Moscow’s own Italian opera company at the Bolshoi Theatre, so it is not surprising that Tchaikovsky, in his reply to Dupont’s request for a score of one of his works, addresses him as a ‘dear friend’. Published: Petersburg Musical Archive: A collection of articles and materials. Vol. 11: Tchaikovsky. Novie materiali k tvorcheskoy biografii; [co-editor and responsible editor T.Z. Skvirskaya]. SPB.: Iz-vo Polytechnicheckogo Universiteta, 2013. p. 284-286. It has a unique historical and cultural value.