TCHAIKOVSKY P.I. (1840-1893), AUTOGRAPH Handwritten letter addressed to the French composer Jules Massenet. Dresden, 17 February 1889.

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3 с. 16.2 x 13 cm. Paper monogrammed «П.Ч.». In French. The composers had not met until Tchaikovsky’s visit to Paris in the spring of 1889 as part of his second conducting tour. One of Tchaikovsky’s tasks during this trip was to encourage leading European musicians and composers to come to Russia for the 1889-90 season and hold concerts by the Moscow branch of the Russian Musical Society. Soon after his arrival in Paris, a month later, Tchaikovsky met with Massenet and they discussed the invitation to the Russian Musical Society. Two days later, still in Paris, Tchaikovsky told Jurgenson: ‘I have seen Massenet several times; he is very flattered and pleased to come to Russia. He is still unable to give an exact date, but would prefer to come in the spring [1890]. Published: Petersburg Musical Archive: A collection of articles and materials. Vol. 11: Tchaikovsky. Novie materiali k tvorcheskoy biografii; [co-editor and responsible editor T.Z. Skvirskaya]. SPB.: Iz-vo Polytechnicheckogo Universiteta С. 398. It has a unique historical and cultural value.