MARIA BASHKIRTSEVA (1858-1884) Photograph and letters.

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1) Photograph. 24x13 cm. Traces of inscriptions on the reverse. Includes an article about the writer in French. 2) Letters from Maria Bashkirtseva; with four portraits, facsimile; preface by François Coppet. Paris, 1922. - XII, 282 p., [6] l. ill. 18.5x12.5 cm. In publisher’s cover. Very good condition Maria Konstantinovna Bashkirtseva (1858-1884) was a Russian artist who spent most of her life in France. She is the author of a famous diary which later became famous and was repeatedly translated into many languages, including Russian. This book was very popular in Russia at the beginning of the 20th century, the most famous admirer of Bashkirtseva’s work and personality was Marina Tsvetaeva, who dedicated her first collection of poems, The Evening Album, to Bashkirtseva’s « splendid memoir».