Velvet Book (Barkhatnaya kniga) Genealogical book of princes and noblemen of Russia and the Russian nobility. 1787.

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Comprising: 1) A genealogical book, collected and compiled in the Rozryad under Tsar Feodor Alekseevich and amended occasionally, and which is known as the Velvet Book; 2) An alphabetical list of the surnames from which genealogical registers have been presented in the Rozriad, with an indication where these families originated, or migrated, or about which there is no record; also, which families originated from these families, on which occasions they took their names, and finally, under which N those genealogical records are in the Rozriad’s archives; 3) A register showing the Western Europeans families all together according to their places of origin; 4) An alphabetical list as table of contents, which shows all the families, contained in the two parts of this book, which number reaches 930; Published according to the most recent lists. M.: University Printing House, by N.Novikov, 1787. Ch 1. [40], 352 pp.; Ch 2. - [2], 453 pp.; 20.5x12 cm. Both volumes in full leather bindings from the period. Gold spines, peacock feather paper on front flyleaves, tinted book edge. Gilded superexlibris «N.K.» on spines. Paper exlibris on the flyleaf «From the books of B.A. Khrushchev». «Velvet Book - genealogical book of the most distinguished boyar and noble families of Russia. It was compiled in 1687 after the abolition of mestnichestvo (1682) and after the cessation of making register books. It was published by N. I. Novikov. Bibliography: Bitovt. No. 2171 - «Bolshaya Redkost»; Ulyaninsky. NO. 3250; SKVIII. NO. 6018.