[FROM THE COUNT BUTURLIN’S LIBRARY] JEAN EN ROUSSET DE MISSY (1686-1762) Nestesuranoi I. Mémoires du règne de Pierre le Grand. - Nouv. éd. Amsterdam, 1729-1737.

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- 17х11 cm. In French. In four parchment bound of the time. The publication is illustrated with cutting engravings, a portrait of Peter I on the frontispiece of the fourth volume. Collectible condition. The armorial bookplate of the count B. Buturlin on the flyleaf of each volume. In the Preface the author stated that the writer of the ‘Notes’ could be considered a Russian Baron Ivan Ivanovich Nestesuranoi, and the publisher just arranged his materials and added them by some useful thoughts. Absurd last name Nestesuranoi, which is an anagram of the Russe, obviously, seemed well sounding in Russian. This name is on the title page of the book, and all the narrative is given on behalf of the Russian author. Provenance: Dmitry Petrovich Buturlin (1763-1829) - privy councilor, Senator, Director of the Hermitage. He spoke several languages, was a passionate bibliophile, collected an extensive in number and rare in composition library, one of the best in Europe \- more than 40 thousand volumes. After his Moscow house burned down in 1812, Buturlin managed to collect another library of 33,000 volumes. The second library he began to collect after moving to Florence. This collection was sold at auction in Paris in 1842. One of the first biographies of Emperor Peter the Great.