Silver Rouble in commemoration of the 300th anniversary of the Romanov dynasty, 1913

Lotto 216
silver D. 34 mm, weight 20 gr This Russian ruble was minted in 1913 to commemorate the 300th anniversary of the Romanov dynasty, the last imperial dynasty in Russia, which ruled from 1613 to 1917. This rare silver ruble coin was made during the reign of Emperor Nicholas II, who ruled from 1894 to 1917, until he was forced to abdicate the throne when the Russian Empire collapsed, paving the way for the Soviet Union. Nicholas II of the Romanov dynasty was the last tsar of Russia. In 1913, when the coins dedicated to the three-hundredth anniversary of the Romanov dynasty were minted, few people knew that after four years the Romanovs would not be on the throne. The coin was designed by the artist Kerzin M. A. Coins are made of silver, have a diameter of 34mm and depict two Tsars: the first Romanov Tsar, Mikhail Fedorovich, and the last, Emperor Nicholas II. Mikhail Fedorovich, often known as Mikhail I, is depicted in tsarist robes and a Monomakh hat. Emperor Nicholas II is depicted in the military uniform of the Fourth Imperial Family Life Guards Infantry Regiment. Their portraits are made in a circular frame around a Greek ornament. On the reverse side of the coin depicts crowned double-headed royal eagle, the symbol of the Russian Empire. Above him - the inscription with the name of the ruble, and at the bottom - the date of 300 years of the Romanovs: 1613-1913. This ruble has a great historical value.