Lotto 92:
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Label Artist: SETSUKO (B. 1942) The work of this Japanese artist is essentially composed of «still lifes», but the objects painted by her seem to live and move. Setsuko recomposes these objects line by line, polishes them, colors them, becoming in turn the craftsman who created them, and bringing to our daily life grace and harmony, in the tradition of the artists of her country. The acuity of the eye, the sharpness of the line, the meticulousness of the drawing, the absence of shadow and almost of perspective thus create a perfectly smooth and serene universe, out of the reach of men, sheltered from their space and their time. For the label of Mouton Rothschild 1991, Setsuko tells in her own way the eternal story of wine: the bunch of grapes was first a flower, then a fruit; then, generous as an ear of wheat, it delivered its grains to the grape-pickers; finally, the long-awaited denouement, the well-filled carafe and the pleasure of drinking. Provenance: Private wine cellar from a Villa in the South of France. (preserved in the cellar with regulated hydrometry and temperature)