ZAITSOV A.A. (1889-1954) Semyonovtsy in 1914. Helsingfors: print. JSC Litera, 1936.

Lotto 371
- VI, 114, [2] p.; 22,5 x 17,5 cm. In the publisher’s cover. The edges of the cover are slightly faded, the cover moves away from the block, map is lost. The book is devoted to the description of the combat activities of the Semyonovsky life guard regiment during the First World war. Arseny Alexandrovich Zaitsov (1889-1954) - Russian officer of the Imperial army, teacher, colonel of the General headquarters, emigrant. From the end of 1918 he is in the Volunteer army. He commanded a battalion of the life guards of the Semyonovsky regiment in the 1st combined guards regiment. Author of works on the history of military art and the history of the civil war in Russia.