TROTSKY LEV DAVIDOVICH (1879-1940) Our revolution / N.Trotsky. SPb.: Edition of N.Glagolev; print. “Sever”, [1906].

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- XX, 286 p.; 23,7x16cm. In the font publishing cover. In the owner’s box. Minor tears on the edges of the cover, loss of a small fragment of the spine. The upper-right corner of the title page is cut off. The book contains two owner’s notes with the description of the publication in Russian and French. First edition. One of the first books by L.D.Trotsky published in Russia. It was published in 1906 under the pseudonym “N.Trotsky” and was a collection of articles written in 1904-1906, some of which were published as separate pamphlets. The final article “Results and prospects” was the most important and well-known and caused a resonance among the revolutionaries of the early XX century. Trotsky’s book was published legally, but immediately after its publication, the police of tsarist Russia confiscated the circulation: only a few copies of the revolutionary’s work reached the readers. Pseudonym. revealed by edit: Leon Trotsky. A Bibliography by Sinclair D.Stanford, 1972. P. 702. This book is a great rarity. It was banned and destroyed twice: in 1906 by Emperor Nicholas II, in 1928 the remaining copies were liquidated by I.V.Stalin’s instructions.