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VERESHCHAGIN V. (1859/1861-1931) Russian caricature: [in 3 vol.]. St. Petersburg: printing house Sirius, 1911-1913

The first volume is devoted to the work of Vasily Fedorovich Timm (1820-1895), known for his famous «Russian Artistic Gazette.» The second volume is timed to coincide to the centenary of the Patriotic War of 1812. It presents caricatures of that time, belonging to three famous artists: Ivan Ivanovich Terebenev (1780-1815), Alexei Gavrilovich Venetsianov (1780-1847), Ivan Alekseevich Ivanov (1779-1848). The third volume covers the work of Alexander Osipovich Orlowski (1777-1832), a talented Polish painter and graphic artist, master of temperamental portraiture and caricature.