AGOU de BONNEVAL S. C. S. L. J. M. (1749-1824) Ah! How stupid you French gentlemen are! / Translated from German by Vensovich, student of the Moscow University, 1793

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- M.: Printed in the free printing house of A. Reshetnikov, 1793. - 193, [3] p.; 17, 5 x 11 cm. Traslation of publication: Bon Dieu! qu`ils sont bêtes ces français! Paris, 1790 An anti-revolutionary pamphlet. One of the books that appeared in Russia as a response to the French Revolution, when French books began to be burned in the capital and in Moscow books, when the word «Jacobin» became synonymous with the words brigand and criminal, and when Louis XVI was proclaimed a royal martyr.