Tchechen burka and a jug beginning of 1900s

Lotto 249
burka 134 x 287 cm jug 36 cm, d. 12 cm Burka is a felt cloak. No highlander could do without a burka. There were two types of burkas. The first type had narrow shoulders, bell-shaped, had no fleece and was below knee length. It was used by shepherds. The second type had a trapezoidal shape and a collar buttoned with leather loops or tied with laces. The sides of such burkas were decorated with embroidery or galloons. Tchechen burkas were considered the best in the Caucasus. Raindrops rolled down the wool, so the burka did not get wet even in pouring rain. The burka did not fit tightly over the body so it could conceal weapons and fire fire freely. Chechens made burkas not only for themselves but also for sale. The burqa also became part of the everyday life of Chechens, who also bought it from Chechens. The mountain burka was a prestigious garment in Russia as well. It was worn by the high nobility of Russia and Russian emperors.