HENRI GROUÈS, KNOWN AS THE ABBÉ PIERRE (1912-2007) Set of notes and documents.

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Different sizes, largest one 27 x 21 cm • Thoughts and speeches. Various autograph notes: meditations, preparatory work for articles and speeches, draft of a commemorative medal. 17 ff. in-8. “Free and just. / To know, love, serve, everywhere the one to whom God wanted to give everything. Men. / To save ourselves by saving our brothers.” “... It is to the little ones that I speak by preference... Before I begin, little brothers, let me tell you that I love you! Listen, you will soon be convinced without any other proof: what you are now, I was yesterday = child, scout, J. C., heckler (sinner, impure!), everything, and I remain yours, and those who will follow you, little ones, forever...” “Universe 57? Will those who refuse the general sabotage of the earth and of men be numerous enough, capable and passionate enough? “Men have a thirst that cannot be quenched without Revelation. Think of the distress of those who do not know that this Revelation exists! And then think how much the Good God you know through this Revelation, He is great, you owe Him so much. He is beautiful!!! He is good, He has suffered so much for you and for everyone... So, say that is hurts! Say “I want to, I want to console the unhappy, and I want Jesus to be loved.” • “What are the lessons?” - Typing with autograph corrections and additions. 4 pp. on a bi-sheet in-folio. • “Appeal to the people of France” - Leaflet printed with manuscript corrections (2 words). Paris, printing house Moriamé, 1954. In this appeal, dated 6 February 1954, Abbé Pierre asks to see “as a matter of urgency” the continuation of the “insurrection of goodness” provoked by his appeal of February 1st, 1954. 4 pp. on a folio leaflet. Capuchin ordained a priest in 1938, he entered the Resistance under the name of Abbé Pierre, which he later kept. This rare collection concerns his fight against social exclusion and poverty.