GALEAZZO TONINI VON MÖRL (1922 - 2011) River view with ducks

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oil on canvas 81 x 116 cm Provenance: Artist’s family, Monaco Born in Innsbruck in 1922 into a noble family, Galeazzo Tonini von Mörl lived for many years in Italy and settled in the Principality of Monaco where he died in 2011. After graduating in naval engineering, he became an officer in the Italian Military Navy. After the war, he began to work in printed designs for the Haute Couture. In the 60s, he started to paint as a self-taught artist. Since the 1980-s Galeazzo Tonini von Mörl devoted himself exclusively to art, his favourite themes being portraits, nudes, still life, trompe l’oeil, symbolism, surrealism, etc. He lived and worked in Monaco.