BENITO MUSSOLINI. «DUCE» (1883-1945) Autographed photograph, taken by Italo-Hungarian photographer Ghitta Carell.

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Rome, 14 Nov 1918. signed ‘Mussolini’ and dedicated to Carlo Berninzone (1896 - ...), Italian politician. Dry stamp (lower left), Signed by the photographer (lower right) Gelatin silver print. Framed; This photo of Mussolini carries a dedication to Carlo Berninzone (Savona 1896) who was an Italian politician, President of the National Federation of Fascist Solid Fuel Dealers. He was appointed National Councillor by designation of the Extractive Industries Corporation representing the trade sector. He chaired one of the executive commissions for the preparation of the Universal Exhibition of Rome in 1942. He was a member of the National Fascist Party The Hungarian photographer Ghitta Carell, original name Ghitta Klein, was born in Szatmar County in 1899 to a Jewish shoe manufacturer, Ignac Klein. She studies with the most important Hungarian photographers and travels a lot between Vienna, Leipzig and Italy.A very talented photographer, she is distinguished by a photographic technique that makes her the most sought-after portrait photographer, so much so that she was chosen by the most important international aristocracy, it was Queen Sophia of Greece who brought her into the Royal Family circuit. She portrayed Queen Maria José of Belgium, Countess Anna Boutourline, Teresa Martini Marescotti and many important people, among which stand out the portraits of Benito Mussolini, the fi rst without military clothes, when he was still the director of the newspaper «Il Popolo d’Italia», followed by others in different clothes. In 1924 she moved to Italy with a group of Hungarian intellectuals, was naturalized Italian in 1959 and remained in Italy between Rome and Milan. In 1960, she portrayed Pope John XXIII and donated 50,000 negatives from her archive to the 3M Italia Foundation. From Milan she will move to Israel in Haifa where she will die in 1972.