ESENIN SERGEY(1895-1925)

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Radunitsa: [collection of poems]. PG.: ed. M. V. Averyanov; print. Main department of districts, 1916. - 62 p.; 17x14 cm. The edition of 930 copies. Verger paper. In the font publishing cover. Professional restoration of the spine and edges of the cover. Owner’s inscription on the title page: «E. Chernyak». The book was published in early 1916 in the publishing house of M.V. Averyanov in Petrograd with the great participation of the poet N. Klyuev. The collection, which contained 33 poems, was a kind of result of Esenin’s early poetic experiments. The book was highly estimated by A.A. Blok, Z.N. Gippius, N.A. Klyuev, S.M. Gorodetsky, S. Ya. Parnok and many others. The poet’s first book. Provenance: The Family of Ya. K. Chernyak. Yakov Zakharovich Chernyak (1898-1955) - literary expert, historian of the Russian literature and the social movement of the XIX century. He met Yesenin, was fond of his work. In his personal library Ya. Chernyak collected all lifetime editions of the poet’s books and collections in which his works were published. On September 3, 1921, S. Yesenin wrote on the book «Imaginists» (Moscow, 1921): «To Chernyak. Friendly. S. Yesenin». Elizaveta Borisovna Chernyak, nee Tubina (1899-1971), married Ya.Z. Chernyak in 1920. She worked in the press Department of the Narkomindel, then in the foreign Department of the ROST. She was engaged in literary translations and taught German. Bibliography: Turchinsky, P. 190; Okhlopkov, P. 73; Rozanov, No. 2715; Lesman. №846.