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to I. von GUNTER Handwritten poem «After long wanderings I have found you, my girl!».1913. 1 p. 25x22 cm. V. Bryusov’s handwritten signature at the end of the text. In the lower field of the sheet, the owner’s entry: «Mascau, 13 November ». In the autumn of 1913, I. Gunter visited V. Bryusov in his apartment in Moscow, probably at the same time the poem was included in the album of Gunter. The poem was first published only in 1935 in the publication «Bryusov V.Ya. Unpublished poems. Moscow: Goslitizdat, 1935». In a note by A. Ter-Martirosyan, it is indicated that the original of V. Bryusov was marked with «Presented to V. Elsper, in order not to print (until, of course, for example, before my death)». Provenance: From the inheritance of I. Gunter. Johannes von Gunter (1886-1973) was a German poet and a prominent translator of Russian literature. An active participant in the Russian and German literary life of the early twentieth century. Bibliography: Kuhto E.V. «Russian theme» in auction houses of Europe. Part XXII // About books. 2012. no. 2 (22). Pp. 63-89.