Lotto 118:
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Russia, the first half of the XVIII century, with a XIX century repaint. Icon in a silver oklad «Our Lady of Tikhvin». Wood, gesso ground, gold leaf, tempera. Size: 70X55 cm. Oklad - silver, chasing, engraving. Hallmarks: maker - «GS» - in the shield (Sbitnev Grigory Mikhailovich, owner of the factory of gold, silver and bronze products; founded in 1893); test master «L. O» over the date 1891 - Oleks Lev Fedorovich (1890-1896); 84 metal purity mark and the coat of arms of the city of Moscow. Preservation: the icon was made in the first half of the XVIII century, partially renovated at the end of the XIX century. Silver oklad, made at a high professional level. Ornamental motifs of the Baroque and Byzantine styles are harmoniously combined in the icon. One may feel the influence of the circle of the school of the Armoury Chamber style in «facial» painting and the manner of graphic techniques.