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Special region of China: 1942-1945. B. I., 1973 - 656 p.: portr., 8 p. il.; 21x15 cm. In publishing cover. Minor contamination of the binding. A gift inscription from Yuri Vlasov, publisher of his father's memoirs, addressed to the writer K. M. Simonov, on a free page of the flyleaf: "To Konstantin Mikhailovich in memory of my father this book as a result of my almost six-year struggle, search, research, evidence, despair, humiliation, pain and Victory! / The truth that remained behind the book is much harsher and more tragic. / I give this book to you as a sign of my sincere respect to Your wonderful Russian language and your books. / I would be happy to have your famous trilogy as a memento. I wish you good luck and success / Yu. Vlad / 18.12.73. / Moscow". There are a Chinese stamp and the signature of Yu. Vlasov on the flyleaf: "this is my father's seal with family Chinese characters, given by Mao Zedong." The book is a Yan'an diaries of the career intelligence officer Peter Parfenovich Vlasov (he worked abroad under the family name "Vladimiriv"). From may 1942 to November 1945 Vladimirov was a TASS war correspondent in the Shaanxi-Gansu-Ningxia Soviet region ("Yan'an special region"; the territory under the control of the Communist party of China), a contact person of the Communist International at the Central Committee of the CP of China, and headed a special group to collect information about the Kwantung army. Vladimirov witnessed the zhengfeng campaign, which aimed to strengthen the power of Mao Zedong and remove party competitors, particularly Wang Ming; this campaign is described in detail in the book.
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