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POZDNYAKOV V.V. (1902-1973) Birth of the ROA (The Russian liberation army):

Propagandists of Wuhlheide - Luckenwalde- Dabendorf - Riga: [collection]. Syracuse (USA), 1972. - 256, [4] p.: Il.; 22х15 cm. On the back of the title page: Buenos Aires, 1972. In editor’s cover. Fox stains. A collection of memories of the ROA propagandists (Russian liberation army led by General Vlasov). The story about Dabendorf ROA school and its internal structure, propagandists ROA classes in Wuhlheide, Luckenwalde and Riga, the work of the ROA propagandists at the frontline and in pow camps. Vladimir Vladimirovich Pozdnyakov (1902-1973) – Colonel of the ROA, operational adjunant to General A. A. Vlasov, later - one of the main historians of the Vlasov movement.
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