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A selection of postcards with views and types of Russia. In total - 221 pieces. In album. 38x21 cm. M: Phototype of Scherer, Nabholz, [1890-1900-s]. 14x9 cm. - 173 pieces. From the series: "Caucasian types", "Caucasus", "Malo- Russian types", "Types of Russia", "Types of Northern Russia", "Types of Western Russia". SPb.: Partnership of Jin-Lung, [1900-s]. "Siberia". Series 1-6. 14, 3x9, 5 cm. - 48 pcs. Chromolithography. In 1896 the firm "Scherer, Nabholz & Co." started publishing open letters with views of Moscow and later - other cities in Russia. The release of open letters continued until 1918. Several numbered series of open letters with views of Moscow were issued in this period, but one of the most successful series highly valued by collectors was the series published in 1901-1903. Collectors call this series "Red Scherer" because of the red color of the inscriptions on the address and illustrated sides of the open letters. Several generations of deltiology collect and assemble a series of "Red Scherer" by the numbers. Collectible preservation.
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