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The continuity of the Church singing and the eternal Assembly from the month of September to the month of August according to the Statute of the Holy Lavra of our venerable and God-bearing father Sava the Consecrated in Jerusalem: [Saints]: manuscript. [Nizhny Novgorod province, 1872]. - [156 p. schemes, ill.]; 13, 5x11 cm. in an whole-leather owner's binding of the epoch. Owner's case. "Dim" gold embossing on the covers. Three-side gold book edge. The title page with an ornamental picture frame in colors (red, blue), written in gold. The title is written in gold in the frame. The image of Sava the Consecrated in colors (red, blue, green), made in gold on the frontispiece. Schemes are made in colors (red, blue, green, yellow), written in gold. On the last sheet there is a gild inscription: "This little book was written in the Nizhny Novgorod province in the village of Vasilevo by the peasant Fedor Pet. Metelkov. For the honorary citizen Kozma Terentyevich Soldatenkov". The owner's inscription of K. T. Soldatenkov on the front flyleaf: "These Saints were received as a gift from Sergei Tikhonovich Bolshakov / September 20, 1872 / K. Soldatenkov". Kozma Terentievich Soldatenkov (1818-1901) - a Moscow businessman, Commerce adviser, textile manufacturer and a major publisher. Owner of an art gallery and the old Naryshkin estate "Kuntsevo". Bolshakov Sergey Tikhonovich (1842-1906) - antiquarian and book reseller, merchant of the Second Guild degree, son of T. F. Bolshakov (1794-1863), who inherited his father's business, his library, and a collection of icons. In 1863-1864 he handed books and manuscripts from his father's collection to the Rumyantsev Museum for a symbolic price.
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