BALLET PROGRAM “La Perle” (Pearl), July 18, 1898, Peterhof.

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BALLET PROGRAM “La Perle” (Pearl), July 18, 1898, Peterhof. Illustrations N.Samokish and E. Samokish-Sudkovskaya. Typography of Imperial Theaters. The wonderful ballet "Pearl" was created by Marius Petipa to the music of Riccardo Drigo, famous composer of the Imperial Theaters, on the occasion of the coronation of Nicholas II and Alexandra Feodorovna. The participation of Kshesinskaya, the former mistress of Nicholas II, was initially considered tactless in relation to the future empress. The most profitable part was received by Italian Pierina Legnani, the ballet was completely rehearsed. Kshesinskaya considered this a personal insult. For her leading role, Nikolai’s Uncle, Grand Duke Vladimir Alexandrovich, asked on her behalf. A week later, the composer Drigo had to rewrite the finished score, and the choreographer Petipa came up with another pas de deux for Yellow Pearl. Matilda Kshesinskaya has achieved the impossible - including herself in the already staged, fully completed performance. Kshesinskaya's participation in this premiere, which took place in Moscow on May 17, 1896 at the coronation celebration, became for her the restoration of her former situation.The presented, richly illustrated and magnificent program is a later performance of the legendary ballet in Peterhof. Mademoiselle Kshesinskaya is listed in first place. Rare in excellent condition.