Art Deco Champagne Swizzle Sticks Stand Silver and gold, rock crystal. 12 bone swizzle sticks of one design with cabocho...

Lotto 152
10 000 15 000
Height: 22 cm Diameter of base: 8.5 cm Signed Cartier and numbered S 5 French silver hallmarks. Original fitted Cartier case. An item of status, this elegant Champagne swizzle from circa 1927 has an Art deco appeal and is an object that still could be used. Initially such swizzle stands were popular in the US in the 1930s to remove bubbles from sparkling wines. Art Deco style, first called Modern Style, was the major artistic movement of the 1920s and was led by Cartier Paris with its beautiful creations. Elegant and geometric, rich in decoration, with use of hard stones such as rock crystal or onyx is distinctive of this period and ensured Cartier public interest.