John Milton CAGE Jr. 1912-1992. Autograph. American composer, philosopher, poet, musicologist, artist. Cage was one of t...

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Henri Sauguet.1901-1989. — Danièl Lesur. 1908 – 2002. Letter from John Cage to V. Hofmann, blue ink, written in English. Amsterdam, June 16 ‘78. A note with the address of the composer Igor Stravinsky in Hollywood is attached. Letter from the composer Henri Sauguet and a postcard, black ink, in French. Paris 10.11.80. Letter from the composer Danièl Lesur, black ink, in French, January 25Th, 89. We gathered the address of the composer Milhaud and a silver-gelatin photo print, by Henri Sauguet. (11.5 x 16.5 cm)