Nicolas SLONIMSKY. 1894-1995. Musicologist, conductor. Typescript letter signed to his dear Mitia. Los angeles, June 13t...

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Letter to his childhood friend Dimitry Sazonov, asking him news and joking about their age and the time that passed. Nicolas SLONIMSKY. 1894-1995. Musicologue, chef d’orchestre. Lettre tapuscrite signée à son cher Mitia. Los angeles, 13 juin 1981. 1 pp. in-4, en-tête en coin, plis marqués ; en anglais. Lettre à son ami d’enfance Dimitry Sazonov, lui demandant de ses nouvelles, plaisantant sur leur âge et le temps passé. (...) I’d like to know how you are doing. If my memory is correct, you must now reached your sixtieth birthday! incredible, since I remember you as an infant in Sofia (...). I even began to count my age like the astronauts, backwards : I am now 13, next year I will be 12, etc. until I reach the age zero in 1994. By that year you will still be much younger than I am now. Sasha would have been one hundred years old now! And your mother would have reached her centennial three years from now (...). Slonimsky lui indique son adresse à Washington où il est en ce moment, travaillant à l’opéra de Strauss, «Electra».