ALEXANDRE II. 1818-1881. Emperor of Russia. Autographed letter to Ekaterina (Katia) Dolgorouki.

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At 11pm, 2 pp. bi-leaflet in-8, crowned coin stamped in the corner, the beginning and the end are missing. Incomplete letter evoking the “bingerles” of the Tsar and Katia, and their encounter at Péterhoff. I can see that we have the same rage regarding our wild bingerles and that instead of calming down, they are increasing as we are about to be separated. (...) Everything that we wrote to each other, about our dear memories of Peterhoff, which all the details will always be in our heart, is only the reflection of these heart that have formed only one for two years. ALEXANDRE II. 1818-1881. Empereur de Russie. Partie de lettre aut. à Ekaterina (Katia) Dolgorouki.