ALEXANDRE II. 1818-1881. Emperor of Russia Autographed letter to Ekaterina (Katia) Dolgorouki. [n°7]. Monday 6/18th of J...

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Crowned coin stamped in the corner, small lack on the 4 corners and light loss of letters. Letter to the Tsar evoking the religious ceremonies which he attended with Michel and Serge, and his walks with his daughter. He is eager to find Katia in their “dear nest”, happy with their “bingerles”. (...) Oh! How impatiently I am waiting for this moment when I am back in your arms, making me forget the whole universe, with such impatience. (...) Michel and Serge, the good figures that were following me made me happy. (...) Oh! How it felt good – we both enjoyed not having to be reasonable. (...) I cannot forget the way my adorable little wife threw herself on her husband to wake him up [long passage in Russian in which the Tsar hopes to marry Katia, uniting them in front of God.] ALEXANDRE II. 1818-1881. Empereur de Russie.