Tertullian, K.S.F. The works of Tertullian, a Christian writer at the end of the second and at the beginning of the third century

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[foreword] E. Karneeva: In 4 parts. SPb .: typ. Fisher; typ. Naval Cadet Corps, 1847-1850. Part 1. [4], IV, 204p .; Part 2. 224, [2] p .; Part 3. [4], II, [2], 224p .; Part 4. [2], 241p .; 22x15 cm. In two uniform semi-leather bindings of the era. Graceful moroccan spine with a gold-embossed ornament of a plant motif. Minor rubbing of the spine. In the lower margin of the spine of each volume is a gold- embossed super-ex-libris «I.Ya.». The label «Antiquarian book trade VI Klochkova» on the back flyleaf of each volume. One of the first most complete translations into Russian, published before the revolution. Quintus Septimus Florence Tertullian (155 / 165-220 / 240) is one of the foremost early Christian writers and theologians. In the nascent theology, Tertullian was one of the first to express the concept of the Trinity. He laid the foundation for Latin patristics and church Latin - the language of medieval Western thought.