An Allegory of Earthly Love

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An Allegory of Earthly Love Oil on canvas 76 x 82 cm The composition of the painting represents an idyllic landscape evoking the Arcadian concept of harmony of the wilderness, uncorrupted and unspoiled nature. The garlands of fruits suggest the luxury of this untainted world emphasized by the innocence of the putti paying tribute to freedom. The large fruit still life is settled in in a somehow architectural landscape that re ects the in uence of the French Classical movement. The eloquent use of gold lighting of the colors as well as the detailed reproduction of the different fruit varieties by Gillemans the Younger can also be see in his ‘Trionfo di frutta con Putti’. It is attested that Gillmans worked along some painters specialised in landscape or gures. Jan Pauwel Gillemans the Younger, Flemish painter, pupil of the prominent painters of still life, his father Jan Pauwel Gillemans the Elder and of Joris van Son. Master of the Antwerp Guild of St Luke since 1674, he was also active in Middelburg, Paris, London and Amsterdam .