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French cavalry Blunderbuss with intlock, model AN IX, (1800-1801).

Cavalry Blunderbuss AN IX for horse rangers, hussars and lances (and since 1811 - cuirassier). Overall length - 113.3 cm; barrel - 75.5 cm; caliber - 1.74 cm. The Blunderbuss consists of a stock, a barrel, a intlock and a brass instrument. The barrel is steel, smooth, round in cross section. In the breech, the barrel is slightly turned and has an octahedral cross-section with rounded edges. The trigger is xed on the axis (transverse pin). Brass trigger guard, with holes for mounting screws. There is an inscription of the manufac- turer: “Manuf. Imp. de St.Etienne. In addition to the name of the manufacturer and year of manufacture, there are other markings on the weapon as well as technological stamps: on the barrel in the upper breech on the left - “B” and “1813”; - “H” under the star; on the trigger guise - “G” under the star and “H” with a star; on the steel ring with the swivel - “D” under the star; on the inner side of the neck of the butt is the inscription: “Covilet le Cadet”, “B” under the crown, the number “24”; on the front brass ring - “G” under the star; on the outside of the butt - a stamp in the form of a circle with the inscription «P.G. Juin. 1813 «and» EF «in the center of the circle. France, 1813. Condition: good.
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