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Sabre of the of cer of the land forces of the Kingdom of the Serbs,

Croats and Slovenes (SVH) based on the model of 1920, with a German blade. Overall length - 100.3 cm; blade length - 83.5 cm; blade width at the heel - 2.3 cm. The steel blade is slightly curved, single-edged, without valleys, there is a thickening on the spine that goes all the way to the tip; nickel plated; Combat double-edged point. Manufacturer's stamp at the heel of the blade on the exterior: “W.K. & S” under the company logo in the form of a knight in a helmet and the head of a man under the crown. The hilt consists of a gure-shaped ebony handle with transverse grooves and a silvered brass guard. The cup of the guard is not symmetrical, and the end of the cross is bent down and rounded. All steel hilt parts are silver plated. The sabre sheath is metal, nickel-plated, with one shackle and staple. At the end of the scabbard there is a shoe. Kingdom of SVH - Yugoslavia, 1922-1941. Condition: very good.
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