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Sword of Russian civil and court of cials based on the version of 1855, without a scabbard.

Total length - 78.5 cm: blade length - 65.5; blade width at the heel - 1.8 cm. The steel blade is two-edged and four-sided. The blade in this example is from a later period. Brass hilt consists of a handle and guard (hilt is assembled from original parts from different periods). Handle cast, gilded, with inclined grooves, which is intertwined in gilded wire. The head of the handle is made in the form of the Impe- rial crown. At the top of the handle is a gured plate with an ornament, at the bottom there is a thickening with a relief ornament. The end of the cross is thickened, with a button, decorated with embossed oral ornament, slightly bent to the head of the handle. On the expanding middle part of the bow there is a relief monogram of Emperor Alexander II of Russia - “A II” under the Imperial crown. From the cross from the exterior there is an oval brass base, with an image of the Coat of Arms of the Russian Empire in the form of a double-headed eagle under the Imperial crown (a double-headed eagle with raised wings, on which eight emblems are schematically depicted). Russia, late XIX - early XX century. Condition: good
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