Lot 709:
15 000 20 000

French Sabre of senior national guard of cers or volunteers, without a scabbard.

Overall length - 90.6 cm; blade length - 75 cm; the width of blade heel - 3.5 cm. The steel blade is curved, single-edged, with one wide fuller and narrow fuller along the spine; Combat double-edged point. Half of the blade is covered with beautiful bluing from the blade heel. The exterior of the blade is decorated with engraved, gilded images and inscriptions from the middle to the heel: the upper ribbon with the inscription "LIBERTE" ("Freedom"), the Roman goddess of freedom, in a rectangular cartouche the slogan: "VIVRE LIBRE OU MOURIR POUR LE SALUT DE MA PATRIE”. On the interior is an image of the goddess Athena Pallas with an inscription on her shield “LA NATION”, the top tape is inscribed with “LA VIGILANCE ET LA FORCE”, the image of the rooster and the lion, the bottom tape is inscribed with "FONT SUCCOMBER SHAQUE ATROCE". The heel of the blade on both sides is decorated with a gilded background with the image of military trophies. France, the period of the Consulate (1799 - 1804). Condition: good
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