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French Infantry Sabre of the of cer of the light cavalry of the Consulate period (1799 - 1804).

Overall length - 87.3 cm; blade length - 72.5 cm; the width of the blade at the heel is 2.9 cm. The steel blade is twisted, single-edged, with one wide fuller and narrow fuller along the spine; Combat double-edged point. The hilt consists of a wooden grooved handle and a brass guard. At the top of the handle is a gured brass bushing, which passes into an extended oval head with a button, decorated with diverging grooves.The cross is decorated with a relief groove around the perimeter. The sabre leather sheath is black, with a brass instrument, consisting of a wide mouth with a peg and a tip with a shoe. All details of the gured form are decorated with horizontal grooves. France, the period of the Consulate of the 1st Empire (1799-1814). Condition: good
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