We are very pleased to announce that Hermitage Fine Art will hold its next sales in Autumn and we officially invite our dear clients and friends to send their consignments for the categories of Russian Art & History, Fine Art, Manuscripts and Photographs.
We are also happy to share with you the outstanding results of our last July sales. Despite of the lockdown, our staff managed to put together an impressive selection of lots that did not deceive.
The Russian Art auction sold particularly well, attracting attention with its soviet porcelain collection, of which many lots were sold. The assortments of silver and Fabergé lots were also successful, selling for example a jeweled silver-gilt kovsh for 14,000€. The paintings section was extremely varied and included historical portraits, like the Tyurin Ivan Alexeevitch’s portrait of Alexander III of Russia sold for 69,000€, the Tischbein’s portrait of Augustus Kotzebue (20,000€), and names like Korovin (45,100€), Klever (10,000€) or Timofeev (24,000€) from the 19th and 20th centuries, as well as more contemporary works like Nazarenko’s collection, one of which sold for 22,000€. Icons proved interesting as well, an example is “Our Lady of Kazan” sold for 1,000€ and “Vladimirskaya Mother of God” sold for 1,800€.

The Rare Books and Manuscripts collection did very well as in all our past sales, both for Russian and international lots. Some winners among Russian autographs are The queen of spades and Suite for orchestra, with signature and dedication by composer Tchaikovsky (16,000€); an autograph by A. Blok (1880-1921) on a handwritten poem (33,500€). Other important sales were a rare lot by the famous collector Matsukata Kojiro (1866-1950), sold for 2,000€; a photograph by W. Gloeden – Naked boy) (2,100€); a letter carrying Isabelle I of Castille’s signature (1,100€)

On July 8th the Fine Art collection was just stunning and buyers appreciated the variety of artists and artistic movements. Among the top sales are Louis Valtat Sous-bois au Printemps, sold for 25,200€, Felix Varla’s Still life with sunflowers and grapes, sold for 5,000€ or Nature Morte aux Tournesols by Claude Venard which was sold for 13,000€.
Among objects of Vertu and other decorative objects, we sold some fine and rare examples like two beautiful Baccarat lots, a vintage Cartier silver gilt letter opener (1,100€) or a rotating bird singing box by Reuge Music Saintes-Croix (3,600€).

* The prices in € include the buyer's premium.