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signed ‘F.B.CLUZEL’ and ‘MARCEL GUILLARD’, stamped ‘FRANCE EDITIONS ETLING PARIS’ (on the underside) cracked ceramic with polychrome enamel decor H 29 cm, L 19 cm Édition Etling Paris circa 1925 Boris Fredman - Cluzel was the son of Oskar-Karl Fredman, a Swedish merchant in Russia and Natalia Cluzel from a French noble family. He studied at the Sculpture Department of the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Stockholm (1898-1900), the Hans Thom School of Art in Karlsruhe, Germany, and in Paris (1902). The sculptor’s wife was the Russian dancer Maria Gorshkova, a friend of famous Ballet dancer Anna Pavlova. In May 1910, an exhibition of small bronze figures by Cluzel was held at the Hébrard Gallery in Paris, at the same time as the opening of the Russian ballet season. The figures of the Russian dancer A.R. Bolm and the French ballerinas Zambelli and Schwartz were acquired by the Musée du Luxembourg in Paris. Cluzel created the first sculptural images of Anna Pavlova. Fredman-Kliuzel’s works are on display at the Museum of Dramatic and Musical Art in St. Petersburg and at the British Museum in London. A collection of late sculptures is in the storerooms of the Museum of Fine Arts in Gezira, Egypt.