Lot 101
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Label: LE BÉLIER D’AUGSBOURG For the year 2000, exceptionally, Baroness Philippine de Rothschild did not solicit any painter. It is the bottle «in person» that has become a collector’s item, adorned directly on the glass with a jewel from the Musée du Vin dans l’Art de Mouton: the small «Augsburg ram», a chased vermeil hanap made around 1590 by the German master silversmith Jacob Schenauer. In order to restore all the finesse and brilliance of the original goldsmith’s work, the B.S.N. Company, after four months of research, designed a new technique of enameling in relief, requiring custom-made tools and very precise work. The particularly complex method of firing the gold and enamel has resulted in a sparkling texture and an incomparable ability to «catch» the light. Around the black capsule, a golden ring repeats the design engraved on the ram’s collar and recalls the scroll-like chiseling of its body. The coat of arms, the name, the vintage, as well as the signature of the owner have been screen-printed in fine gold. As for the bottle, made of high quality heavy glass, its silhouette has been slightly redesigned at the shoulder in a truncated cone shape. As proof of its authenticity, it bears the name of Château Mouton Rothschild engraved on its base Provenance: Private wine cellar from a Villa in the South of France. (preserved in the cellar with regulated hydrometry and temperature)