GENERAL E. K. MILLER (1867-1939)

Lot 297
Letter from General E.K. Miller, addressed to G.A. Aleksinsky. On the official letterhead of the Commander-in-Chief of the Russian Army for Military and Naval Affairs. Typescript, the signature of the general at the end of the text: “Yours sincerely / Miller”. Paris, February 1, 1921 1 p. 24x20 cm. Folding creases.In the letter, Miller reports, «that the Commander-in-Chief [P.N. Wrangel] recognizes your visit to Constantinople as very desirable.»MillerEvgenyKarlovich(1867-1939)-Russianmilitaryleader, lieutenant-general; the leader of the White movement in the north of Russia in 1919-1920, commander-in-chief of all land, naval armed forces of Russia (the No rthernArmy),operatingagainstSovietpowerontheNorthernFront.He was abducted from Paris to Moscow, convicted andexecuted.Provenance : G.A. Aleksinsky archive.