FELIX YUSUPOV (1887-1968)

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A handwritten letter addressed to Sergey Alexandrovich [Taneyev]. Biarritz, September 15, 1946 2 p.; 14,5x19 cm. Handwritten signature of F. Yusupov at the end. In Russian. It is about the famous pearl «Pellegrina», which belonged to the Yusupov family since 1826. The Prince speaks of certain combinations connected with the sale of the pearl, and that he himself wants to take it to America. Felix sold the pearl to Jean Lombard, a Geneva jeweller, in 1953. Sergey Alexandrovich Taneyev (1886-1975) - brother of the lady-in-waiting and closest friend of the Empress Alexandra Fyodorovna A. A. Vyrubova (nee Taneyeva; 1884-1964), a close friend of the Yusupovs in exile. Prince Felix Feliksovich Yusupov (1887-1967) - the last of the Yusupov princes, belonged to one of the most noble and rich Russian families, is known as a participant in the murder of G. Rasputin. He was married to Grand Duchess Irina Alexandrovna, niece of Nicholas II.