Lot 175
15 00020 000
Designed by L. S. Vychegzhanina and S. V. Chekhonin (1922), painted by N. S. Blagoveshchenskaya- Vasilyanova, State Porcelain Factory, 1922 Blank of the Imperial Porcelain Factory, 1897 Porcelain, polychromatic overglaze painting Marks: green underglaze stamp with Cyrillic initials of Nicholas II ‘H II’ under a crown and date – 97, hand painted blue overglaze: hammer, sickle, cog, and date – 1922, hand painted black overglaze production mark: 312 / 9; black overglaze painter’s inscription in Cyrillic ‘After the design of L. V. executed by NB’ Diameter – 23 cm