Gavin RAIN

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Mixed media on canvas 75 x 75 cm From Cape Town in South Africa, Gavin Rain is famous for his pointillism, which he started in 2013 although he has painted all his life. His main inspirations are Georges Seurat (1859-1891), Russian avant-garde art of the 1900’s and architecture, which he originally planned to study among his two main interests: art and mathematics. He was first inspired by a very pixelated digital photography presenting a lot of noise and loosing its good quality along its sense. In a similar way, he therefore worked with this lack of precision using paint and mixed techniques, wishing to make his spectator ‘step back’ as he says, to understand the image as a whole, as a story. Gavin Rain uses photographs, paints, woodcuts and many more to emphasis his colors and textures, which characterize his style and signature.