Georgy Alexandrovich LAPCHINE (1885-1950) Russian church in an autumn lanscape

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Signed lower right ‘G. Lapchine’ inscribed ‘G. Lapchine, 6 rue Aumont Thiéville’ (on the reverse of the chassis) Oil on paper mounted on canvas 114,3 x 146,3 cm Georges Lapchine (1885-1950) A post-impressionist Russian painter from the Paris school, Lapchine learned his skills in Fernand Cormon and Léon Lhermitte’s ateliers. Often exposed at the French Artists Salon, he was inspired by the Impressionist movement. Lapchine skilfully depicted the nuances of light in a number of his paintings, including this autumnal work, where he uses his effervescent palette for morning views and oblique golden hour colours for evening scenes.