LÉONARD TSUGUHARU FOUJITA (1886-1968) Détail Grande composition 2, dite Composition

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au chien, 1928. Reliefography on Canvas 105 x 76 cm (413/8 x 297/8 in.) Accompanied by a certificate of authenticity from The Foundation Foujita In association with The Foundation Foujita in Paris, Fujifilm created an astounding reproduction of a detail of this masterpiece using the Reliefography technology. This is a unique opportunity to buy the 1/100 reproduction. Reliefography is a unique reproduction process developed by FUJIFILM Belgium NV. It combines high quality technology with dedicated craftsmanship and expertise. For the first time, three-dimensional scanning, digital imaging and printing technology are brought together to faithfully recreate not only the image, but also the textured detail of a work of art in accurate colour. This is the result of several years of research, development and fine-tuning before finally arriving at the current very high-quality reproduction. The nudes take up a dominant position in Foujita’s Grandes Compositions, 4 canvasses of 3 x 3 meters, painted in 1928 and which the artist considered as the outcome of his research. The iridescent white dominates, the bodies standing out from the transparency, surrounded by a dark circle. This characteristic underlines the perfection of the drawing which seems to show the volume of the bodies unified or shattered in a dance where beauty battles with the unfamiliar. Up on the left, a group of women, which is represented in this particular reproduction.