HENRI CHARLES MANGUIN (1874-1949) Still Life with Teapot

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Signed ‘Manguin’ (lower left) Oil on canvas 54.8 x 65.5 cm (215/8 x 253/4in.) Painted circa 1900 Provenance : Private collection, Switzerland Previously in the collection of Ambroise Vollard, Paris (acquired directly from the artist in 1906 Nr. 70 on the list of purchase) HENRI CHARLES MANGUIN - French painter and co-founder of the Fauvism movement in 1905, along with Henri Matisse, André Derain and Georges Braques. His style distinguishes itself by a sense of delight and a very colorful palette, shuffling between blues, yellows, oranges, nuances of greens and many more. Thereby, the poet Guillaume Apollinaire called him “the voluptuous painter” and professor Gaston Diehl re-baptised him as the “Chantre du bohneur.” Apart from his vibrant landscapes, nudes and portraits, Manguin realized many still lives distinguished by his dense and blushful touch. There are numerous tea scenes around 1900 with delicate ceramics, metal or silver tea-pots, bread, buns and sometimes fruit, displayed on wooden tables just like in this painting signed “Manguin” on the lower left.