Lot 721:
5 000 7 000

Caucasian of cer’s Sabre of the Asian type.

Overall length - 98 cm; blade length - 80 cm; blade width at the heel - 3.6 cm The blade is steel, curved, single-edged, with two valleys along the entire length. From the outside at the heel, the blade is decorated with an etched image of owers on a blued background. From the inside it is decorated with etched oral ornament and the image of the monogram of the Emperor of Russia Nicholas II - “N II” under the imperial crown. The hilt consists only of a handle with a head. The handle is completely lined with white metal (silver?), With a narrowing in the middle part and a forked head. The surface of the handle is decorated with engraved oral ornaments. The scabbard is wooden, covered with brown leather, with a white metal (silver?) Device, consisting of a gured mouth with a brace, two holders and a tip. All parts of the device are decorated with engravings. The decoration style of the scabbard device is fully consistent with the style of the grip device. Russia, the handle and the device sheath; beginning of the twentieth century, the blade and sheath; twentieth century. Condition: average, restoration.
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