VENEDIKT EROFEEV (1938-1990) Moskva-Petushki [Moscow-Petushki] Paris, YMCA-PRESS, 1977

Lot 829
Paperback, ill. cover, reproduction of Vyacheslav Kalinin's painting 'Thirsty Man',1974 from the collection of the Musée Russe en Exil A.Gleser, Montgeron, France. First published in an abridged form, in AMI magazine in Jerusalem in 1973, with a print run of three hundred copies, this second Russian edition 1977, was published in Paris, this time unabridged, by the YMCA-Press. Soviet writer Venedikt Erofeev gained international fame with his novel Moskva-Petushki, which was not authorised and spread via the samizdat.