VLADIMIR MAYAKOVSKY (1893-1930) Prostoye kak mychanie [As Simple as Mooing]. St. Petersburg: Publisher 'Parus' A.N. Tikhonov, 1916, 1916.

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116, [2] pp.; 25x15 cm. In the publisher's typeset cover. Rubbing, stains on the cover, tears on the spine, loss of fragments of the corners of the front cover. Author's autograph on the first page of the text: 'Tebe, tebe, / Solntse velikoye, velikoye. / 23 fevralya.' ['To you, to you, / Great, great sun. / 23 February.'] Text with censorship excisions. Dedication on p. 3: To the whole book: L.Yu.B. (Lilya Yuryevna Brik). The book was published in October 1916 at the initiative of Maxim Gorky (1868-1936), who at that time patronized the future 'tribune of the revolution.' It includes selected poems, the tragedy 'Vladimir Mayakovsky,' and the poem 'Cloud in Trousers.' Vladimir Vladimirovich Mayakovsky (1893-1930) was a Russian and Soviet poet, playwright, screenwriter, film director, film actor, and artist. He is one of the most significant Russian poets of the 20th century and a classic of Soviet literature. He was also the editor of the journals 'LEF' and 'Novy LEF.' Bibliography: Turchinsky, p. 344; Rozanov, No. 3341; Lesman, No. 1469.